Try Out / Practice Info / Match Schedule

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Girl’s Team Code: BARPS-AREAE

Boy's Team Code: BARRA-GROOM

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Please fill out if you are interested in Trying Out:

2019-2020 Preseason Workouts/Try Outs/Practices - see TEAMS APP for more details

  • Womens Pre-season workouts start 7/8/19 7:30 am - 8:45 am Monday thru Friday
  • MenPre-season workouts start after Christmas Break and Midterms 2:45 - 4:00 Monday thru Friday
  • Womens Team Tryouts/Practice begins on July 29th 7:30am - 9am Monday thru Friday.  Once school starts meeting times will be 2:45 -4:30 pm 
  • Mens Team Tryouts/Practice begins mid February 2:45 - 4:30pm Monday thru Friday.

What to Expect at Tryouts

Expect to work hard. WE TAKE PRIDE IN BEING THE BEST CONDITIONED TEAM IN THE CONFERENCE!  You will be asked to perform all physical testing and drills at full speed. You should run when picking up balls, when moving from drill to drill and when going to and from water breaks. You will not sit down during tryouts, except during water breaks.

Tryout Process FAQs

Q: How many people are usually on the team?

A: 12

Rationale:  So that the coach can provide team members with ample individual attention. 

Q: How will I be evaluated?

A:  You will be evaluated in 5 important areas:

  1. Fitness Test
  2. Skills Test 
  3. Challenge Match Results - Challenge matches are matches that you will play against other players (if you’re still in contention after the skills test).  The results of these matches are generally used as the primary selection criterion at this stage in tryouts. Depending on weather and time constraints, you may play various play formats (pro-sets, best of three, etc…)
  4. Attitude and Effort - Coaches like to see positive attitudes and lots of effort.  Prospective Husky Tennis players should be willing to try hard, make mistakes, learn from those mistakes and keep trying. Coach Schainblatt will take note of those players who listen, follow directions, and ask questions when necessary.  The Husky Tennis Team is for players who are positive, competitive, eager to learn and have something to contribute to the team.
  5. Potential  -  Do you exhibit athletic qualities that will lead to rapid improvement?

Q: What is the attendance policy?

A: Attendance for all days of try-outs, practices and matches are mandatory.  Even if your paper work and clearance is incomplete, players must come to try-outs to watch, learn and listen.  Players missing more than 1 of the try-out sessions or 2 practices (once the team is selected) without prior approval will be dismissed from the team. 

Q: What Should I bring to Tryouts?

A: The weather can do just about anything. Please be prepared for the conditions.  In addition to the items that you would normally bring, the below items are highly recommended once challenge matches begin:

  • Tennis Equipment 
  • At least two tennis rackets
  • Overgrips
  • Cap
  • Towel to wipe off sweat
  • Appropiate Clothing for season (Guys dress in layers / synthetic clothing is recommended but not required) 
  • Warm jacket (Guys only)
  • Extra T-shirts and socks; All clothing must have some kind of HHS logo or plain.  
  • Knit hat or hood if cold
  • Long sleeve t-shirt
  • Healthy Snack and Drink 
  • Water bottles 
  • Cell phone for important / emergency phone calls (Leave in your bag, ask permission first)
  • No electronic usage otherwise during tryouts or practices

Season Time Commitment

  • Every member of HHS Varsity Husky Tennis Team is required to attend (even if you are injured): 
  • ALL Team Practices
  • ALL Team Matches (Even if you are not on the lineup)
  • On rare occasions, you may need to attend multiple-hour events on the weekends.
  • Senior Celebration (held after last home match)
  • Picture Day (held prior to practice on tennis courts)
  • End of Season Banquet

If your schedule does not allow for you to commit this much time to tennis, then you will have to either adjust your schedule or consider trying out for tennis another year when you have more time.

You are encouraged to spend time outside of practice as well.  You determine and control this part of your training and it is not required. This would include:

 “Practice before Practice”: if practice starts at 2:45 get there early and start shadow swings and footwork, volleys or mini tennis.

“Practice after Practice”: If you are able you can continue practicing after practice ends until you need to leave to fulfill your other commitments. This will include serving a hopper of balls and/or more match play with others.  You can also study online videos. (youtube, professional matches, etc.)

Players who make varsity are expected to be ready to play whenever they are asked to play. This means that tennis is expected to become priority during the season and some personal sacrifice might be needed. To recap:

  • No job or drivers ed or clubs should interfere with practice or matches. 
  • We expect players to be at practice everyday and to be on time. 
  • If at all possible, dentist or doctor appointments should not be made during practice or match time. 
  • If at all possible, trips and vacations should be scheduled after season is finished
  • Students who have an unexcused absence from practice or a match will face consequences and possible dismissal.
  • All players must give at least one week notice for missing a team event due to another HHS conflict. 
  • All players must stay until a team match is complete. When we travel, we travel as a team. Players must ride the bus with the team to and from the matches unless there is some unusual circumstance not to do so. 
  • Plan and prioritize your responsibilities such as homework, studying and other activities so they do not interfere with matches and practice. 
  • Players are expected to be on time for all bus departures. We can not hold the bus for late players and risk having all the other players who arrived on time defaulted from a match because we waited for one late player. 

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