Challenge Match Info

If you want to improve faster:

  • Take notes ASAP after practice
  • Review any technique and tactic that was taught: footwork, movement, strokes, etc
  • Play a minimum of 1 practice or challenge match a week ( Might need to be done outsde of practice)

Line-up for team matches:

The line up is determined by the coach with weight given to the following areas in order of criterea:

  1. TOP CRITEREA - Coaches discretion and success vs opponents
  2. Challenge matches
  3. Practices and how much you bring to the table for the team

Challenge Matches

  • The basic tenet of the challenge match system is that the player who wins is the better player and should play the higher position. 
  • Team challenge matches allow all players a fair chance at competing for the various singles and doubles spots.
  • If a player knows that he will lose his position with even one challenge match loss, the player will experience realistic match pressure

Challenge Match Rules: 

  1. Players are placed on the ranking ladder in the order they finished the previous season. 
  2. New players are placed on the ranking ladder based on Pre-season try out results
  3. Before the season starts and after tryouts are completed a player has one opportunity to challenge any player with coach’s permission
  4. Alfter the season starts players may only challenge one position higher on the ranking ladder.  At coaches discretion more than one position will be allowed.
  5. Players must accept a challenge from players below them on the ladder or forfeit their position. 
  6. Format for matches must be set before the day of the match. Matches can be best of 2 out of 3 sets, they can be add or no- add, 3rd set is a 10pt Tie Breaker.  Another option is an 8 game pro set, win by two games.  Short sets can also be used, for example, start each set at 2 all.  If both payers cannot agree on the format the higher ranked payer gets to pick the format.
  7. You and your opponent must both text Coach Schainblatt when and where you will be playing match.
  8. A challenge match will be conducted like a tournament. If you are not present for the match at the agreed upon time and location you lose your position. No Exceptions!!
  9. If you are late more than 15 minutes for a challenge you will be docked two games
  10. The match must be completed the same day it begins unless weather determines otherwise.
  11. If both players are responsible for not completing a match then both players may be moved down on the ladder at coach’s discretion.
  12. New players coming to the school will be ranked wherever the coach places them.
  13. Winner will report the score by Sunday 6pm to Coach Schainblatt
  14. There will be consequences for missing multiple matches. Get them played...any practice match is a good practice match!
  15. Contact the Team Captain or Coach Schainblatt if you are having trouble getting your opponent to commit to a playing time.
  16. In all extenuating circumstances the Team Ladder position will always be at the coaches discretion.
  17. Parents are not allowed to be on the courts or to talk to students during a match.
  18. Coach may rearrange any line up at his discretion

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