Goal oriented GB TIA Player Development - What is it?

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The road to tennis excellence is a long journey that many players dream of but few commit to do what it takes to go the distance. The GreatBase Tennis system gives serious players a chance to develop and compete at the highest levels.

We work with a limited amount of players to develop them over a long time period. Some are just starting their development and some are already competing but want to attempt to compete at higher levels. This type of player is taught from day one that the dedication and focus needed to reach their goals is immense and the passion for this must be their own.

Training includes unique topics such as:

  • Strategy Patterns of Play (Using different phases of a point - Control - Hurt - Finish)
  • Specific High Performance Footwork Patterns for groundstrokes, volleys, serve, return of serve
  • How to 'Catch the Racquet' differently for drives, spins, rollers and loops
  • How to 'Target' and how to fix when missing your 'Targets' during a match
  • Mastering the Serves (Flat, Spin and Slice)
  • 'Master Principles of Stroke Mechanics’ -  Improve efficiency, timing, feel, power and control through proper stroke mechanics 
  • Mental conditioning for matches 
  • Core Performance Conditioning
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • HotSpot Training Systems - highly advanced training and performance enhancement systems
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